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what's going on all weekend?

Friday, January 15, 2016

4-7pm/Lillis Atrium: Student registration & Sponsor Alley 

7-8pm/Lillis 182:  Keynote Address, Brett Seyler, Founder of Americana Game Studio, & Ground rules

8-9pm/Lillis Atrium: Dinner

8:45-9:15pm/Lillis 132: Tech Talk (see TechTalk topic list here)

9-11pm:Team formation & ideation & hacking begins  

9pm/Lillis 140: Hardware check-out 

midnight/Lillis Atrium: snack

Saturday, January 16, 2016

7-9am/Lillis Atrium: Breakfast provide by local fav Off the Waffle!

10-12pm/Student Rec Center--Shower Access to non-UO students

12-6pm/Lillis 145 Super Smash Melee Tournament!

12-1pm/Lillis Atrium: Lunch

12-3pm/ Front of Lillis  Monster Energy Truck = Free Monster!

12:30-3:30pm/Lillis Atrium: Chair Back Massages Available

3-9pm Chill out with Indie who will be broadcasting on-site from

3-5pm/Lillis 211: Tech Talks –short talks on programming, trends in gaming (see TechTalk list here)

4-6pm Mentors onsite for team check-ins

6-8pm/Lillis Atrium: Dinner

midnight/Lillis Atrium: snack

Sunday, January 17, 2016

6-8am/Lillis Atrium: Breakfast

9am: Hacking ends; Projects must be uploaded to Dev Post; prepare for judging presentations in Lillis Atrium

10am-12pm/Lillis Atrium: Demo Day —Open to the public to attend

12pm-1:30pm/Lillis 140--Hardware check-in
12-1pm/ Student Rec Center--Shower Access for non-UO students

12-1pm/Lillis Atrium: Lunch

12-1pm/Lillis Atrium:  THE DUCK IS HERE!  Take a selfie with an icon

1-2:30pm/Lillis 182: Finalists present; Judging & Awards—Open to the public to attend

2:30-3:30pm/ Student Rec Center--Shower Access for non-UO students
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