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QuackHack: TechTalks (Open to Public)

All talks will be given in Lillis 211

Friday, January 15/Lillis 211
8:45-9:15pm  'Managing Project Scope', Ted Brown, Founder of Oreganik & Indie Game Con
Saturday, January 16/Lillis 211
3-3:20pm  'Hackathons as Career Boosters: Stories from the Trenches', Mark Davis, Founder of Code Chops and #EugeneTech
3:20-3:40pm 'Getting a Unity Game Ready for Xbox One', Chris Skaggs, Partner, Soma Games
3:40-4pm 'Finding the Fun VIA Rapid Development', Britt Brady, Founder, Cowboy Color
4-4:20pm 'Making a Profitable App/Game', Shawn Hymer, Business Intelligence Analyst, RockYou
4:20-4:40pm 'Working with Audio in Video Games, Michael Jones, Founder, Mike Jones Studio
4:40-5pm 'The Loom SDK', Ben Garney, Founder, The Engine Co.
5-5:20pm 'Level Building in Unreal 4', Chuck Jacobi, Senior Environment Artist, Pipeworks
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