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FAQ's--Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuackHack?

QuackHack is the first gaming hackathon on the Major League Hacking circuit. A hackathon is prototyping event where people come together to build cool stuff. We will hack video games (from EdTech to E-sports), the gamification of industries, Internet of Things, board games, recreational games, and anything else game-related.

Who can do QuackHack?

Any North American college student can participate. If you have been a college student within the last 12 months, you are also welcome to attend. Artists, designers, computer science, product design, business, architecture, journalism, engineers, liberal arts, science majors & more should attend! Participants must abide by the MLH Code of Conduct.

Can I sleep? Does the building lock after hours?

Yep! Lillis 440 is our designated sleeping room. Bring a sleeping bag or just sleep on the floor, whatever you are comfortable with. Locals are also welcome to go home and sleep, but the building is LOCKED from 10pm Friday until 7am Saturday, and from 9pm Saturday until 7am Sunday. We are unable to let people back into the building if you are not back in the building beore those times, because of the extreme proximity to campus bars.

I'm a beginner – what should I do?

Dive right in! You can check out the plethora of tutorials on Gamemaker, Unity, or even web-based games, and be sure to ask your neighbors and mentors for help! Hackathons are all about bonding with friends and building a community for the weekend. Veteran developers are happy to help you get started.

What are the rules? Is there a Code of Conduct?

As an MLH partner hackathon, we abide by the MLH Code of Conduct. Check our Devpost page regarding rules here:

Where can I park for the event?

Here is a map link of the UO campus.  The QuackHack event site is Lillis Business Complex (955 E. 13th Ave, Eugene 97403). The Faculty Parking lot (Lot 6A) located north of Lillis (directly off East 11th Street) is available to park in from 5am to 11:59pm daily.

Unfortunately this parking lot does not allow overnight parking (between 12am and 5am). If you need overnight parking, you must let us know to provide you an overnight permit. The overnight parking lot is in parking lot 34E directly off 15th Street (by the Global Scholars Hall). 

How can I get connected to WiFi?

For directions on how to secure WIFI, go to this link

What rooms are open for hackers to use?

The following rooms in Lillis are open the whole weekend: 155, 174, 274, 245, 255, 250, 250A, 345 as well as all the tables on all 4 floors of Lillis Atrium.

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